The Conductor

I would like to be able to play music but I’m not very good
I mean I have a few small instruments but am not very well practiced.
Also I don’t really know what music to play.

If you listen carefully you can play by ear, it will take some practice
But I have lots of time, I can teach you.

It just seems a bit awkward at first – I don’t know if I’m playing correctly
My fingers don’t seem to know where to find the notes.

Don’t listen too hard to yourself when you are practicing.
Just watch and keep following the music.

I think I get it, but it’s hard to keep practicing all the time all by myself.
When will I get really good? I want to sound better before someone else hears me play.

Keep listening and follow the music. There are many others out there, you’ll never know just how good you can sound until you play along together.

Well here we are, I feel a bit left out here, no one plays the same as me!

They are each playing their own part, you are all in the same key.
It sounds beautiful to me.

Really? It sounds good to you?

The best sound that comes from within these walls.

What do you mean?

Take your ensemble outside to find a willing audience, they will appreciate it.

But what music should we play for them?

The music is all composed by me.

Old sheet music
Photo: Charles Taylor/Shutterstock Images

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