Jesus Unwrapped

A recent conversation with my 5 year old went like this:

Miss C: Can I have Flutterby Fairy for my birthday?

Me: Let’s talk about it closer to your birthday.

Miss C: What about Christmas? Can I talk about it one step away from Christmas?

Me: Yes but you might find something else you like instead.

Miss C: No, but there is nothing in the whole world better than that!

Me: Not even Jesus?..

Miss C: No, Jesus and God are the best, but they are already unwrapped!

I love hearing wisdom from my children. Jesus is no token gift, not a pretty thing for a special occasion, it’s not a twice a year event like Easter and Christmas.

I’m also interpreting this 5 year old wisdom to mean that although Jesus died once for all, we don’t just receive this gift once for all time, or recollect it’s goodness twice a year, that we proclaim it daily and hold it up higher than any other thing on earth, even ourselves and our earthly desires, our material possessions and our earthly relationships all pale in comparison to Jesus’ gift of eternal life.

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